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AMD AM5 CPU and DDR5 ATX Motherboard Bundle
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Quiet PC AMD AM5 CPU and DDR5 ATX Motherboard Bundle

Based around AMD’s AM5 CPUs, this pre-built bundle is ideal for customers looking to take the strain out of putting the core components of a PC together.

This specific bundle comprises an AMD CPU, a motherboard, RAM and CPU cooler. Our team of experts will professionally assemble the components and perform rigorous testing using specialised software to ensure that everything functions as expected before shipping the bundle to you. Our commitment is to deliver a fully functional and reliable product that meets your expectations. By taking great care during the assembly and testing stages, we strive to provide you with a hassle-free experience.


  1. Customisable pre-built bundle
  2. You choose the CPU, motherboard, RAM and CPU cooler
  3. Expertly put together and tested prior to shipping
  4. Fanned or fanless options available
  5. 24 months return to base warranty

Only the best components from the best manufacturers

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality components from top manufacturers in our bundles. Just like our fully built systems, we ensure that only the best components are included to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Ryzen 7000 Series

The AMD AM5 7000 series processors, built on the new ‘Zen 4’ architecture, form the powerhouse of this PC. These processors mark the next era of high performance for gamers, enthusiasts, and content creators, boasting impressive features such as up to 16 cores and 32 threads.

Compared to the previous generation, the AMD Ryzen 7950X processor in particular delivers substantial improvements. It offers a remarkable single-core performance improvement of up to +29%, granting a significant boost in tasks that rely heavily on single-core processing. Content creators can benefit from up to 45% more compute power, allowing for faster rendering and intensive workloads. Gamers can experience up to 15% faster gaming performance in select titles, ensuring smooth gameplay and responsiveness. Additionally, the 7000 series processors offer up to 27% better performance-per-watt, resulting in more efficient power usage.

To illustrate the performance gains of the AMD AM5 7000 series processors over the 5000 series, the table below showcases some PassMark CPU Benchmarks. Higher numbers indicate better performance, providing you with an overview of the substantial improvements offered by the 7000 series processors.

7000 Series Ryzen 5 7600X Ryzen 7 7700X Ryzen 9 7900X Ryzen 9 7950X
PassMark score 28,966 36,576 52,484 63,608
5000 Series Ryzen 5 5600X Ryzen 7 5700X Ryzen 9 5900X Ryzen 9 5950X
PassMark score 21,963 26,845 39,313 45,926

The figures above are as of June 2023. They do change over time.

These advancements in performance make the AMD AM5 7000 series processors an excellent choice for demanding tasks, gaming, and content creation, delivering exceptional speed and efficiency to enhance your overall computing experience.


ASUS’s reputation as a leading motherboard manufacturer is well-deserved, and we proudly offer a range of their feature-packed motherboards. These motherboards are carefully selected to perfectly complement the CPU and deliver optimal performance. To learn more about each motherboard, please click on the “?” in the configurator for more detailed information.

In certain cases, depending on the specific bundle, you may also come across motherboards from ASRock. These motherboards are included to ensure we can meet any potential shortfall from ASUS. It’s important to note that ASRock motherboards are highly regarded and offer impressive features and performance on par with ASUS.

We want to assure you that regardless of whether you choose an ASUS or ASRock motherboard, both options are of excellent quality and have been selected to meet the standards we uphold. You can expect reliable and high-performance motherboards from either manufacturer in the bundle.

CPU Cooler

Noctua is indeed a well-regarded manufacturer of CPU coolers, known for their high-quality and quiet cooling solutions. When it comes to cooling AMD AM5 CPUs with an ‘X’ suffix under heavy load, it can be more challenging due to the higher power and heat output of these processors. In such cases, Noctua’s NH-D15 or NH-U12A series coolers are recommended as they offer excellent cooling performance.

For AMD AM5 CPUs without an ‘X’ suffix, the cooling requirements are generally less demanding. In fact, Noctua’s fanless NH-P1 cooler is suitable for all except the Ryzen 9 7900. This means that for most non-‘X’ suffix processors, the NH-P1 can provide sufficient cooling without the need for an active fan.

Additionally, Noctua’s NH-L9 series coolers are also well-suited for non-‘X’ suffix processors, offering compact and low-profile cooling solutions that are particularly suitable for small form factor builds or cases with limited space.


Corsair has diversified its product portfolio in recent years, offering a wide range of PC-related products. However, they are particularly renowned for their memory solutions. In our bundles, we incorporate the Corsair DDR5 Vengeance memory modules running at an impressive speed of 5200MHz. These modules are known for their high performance and reliability.

For customers looking to keep costs down without compromising too much on performance, we also offer Crucial’s cost-effective 16GB DDR5 kit. Crucial is a reputable brand that provides reliable and affordable memory options.

No hassle bundles

When building a new PC, it can indeed be challenging to choose compatible components. However, if you opt for one of our bundles, we guarantee that the included components will work together seamlessly. These components are the same ones we use in our pre-built systems, so we are highly confident in their compatibility with your chosen chassis.

There is one aspect you need to consider: the height of the CPU cooler. Below, you’ll find a table with the height of some of the CPU coolers available in the configurator. It’s essential to ensure that your chosen chassis can accommodate the CPU cooler you select. If you have any doubts or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us and provide us with information about the chassis you plan to use. We will be happy to provide guidance and advice accordingly.

CPU Cooler Height, mm
Noctua NH-L9 Series 37
Noctua NH-U9 Series 125
Noctua NH-D12L 145
Noctua NH-U12 Series 158
Noctua NH-P1 158
Noctua NH-D15S Series 160
Noctua NH-U14 Series 165
Noctua NH-D15 Series 165

Remember to choose a CPU cooler that fits comfortably within the specifications of your selected chassis. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask.

Thoroughly tested and with 24 months warranty

At Quiet PC, we understand that even brand new PC components can occasionally experience failures. To ensure the utmost quality and reliability, our bundles undergo a rigorous testing process. After assembly, we subject the components to two comprehensive tests.

The first test specifically checks the memory, ensuring its stability and performance. The second test covers all other components within the bundle which runs for a period of 24 hours, effectively burning-in all the components. Additionally, we ensure that the motherboard is updated to the latest BIOS version and configure it accordingly for optimal performance.

This meticulous quality control procedure provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the components are thoroughly tested and working as expected before they reach your hands. We prioritise your satisfaction and aim to deliver a reliable and efficient bundle.

Furthermore, all our bundles come with a full 24-month return-to-base warranty. If you encounter any issues with the components during this period, simply get in touch with us, and our dedicated support team will swiftly assist you in getting your system back up and running smoothly.

Please click the round question mark after each product to view more detailed specifications.

AMD AM5 CPU and DDR5 ATX Motherboard Bundle

Quiet PC AMD AM5 CPU and DDR5 ATX Motherboard Bundle

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PRIME B650-PLUS AM5 ATX Motherboard (DDR5)


More Details€174.07
More Details€186.62
More Details€241.45
More Details€285.41
Ryzen 5 8500G 3.5GHz 6C/12T 65W AM5 APU with Radeon 740M Graphics


More Details€166.77
More Details€185.53
More Details€191.37
More Details€194.13
More Details€273.76
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More Details€307.84
More Details€323.35
More Details€343.30
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More Details€414.43
More Details€479.74
More Details€524.50
Vengeance DDR5 16GB (2x8GB) 5200MT/s Memory


More Details€62.93
More Details€103.83
More Details€192.45
NH-U12S REDUX High Performance CPU Cooler

CPU cooler

More Details€49.35
More Details€60.66
More Details€69.10
More Details€69.10
More Details€78.99
More Details€78.99
More Details€88.87
More Details€88.87
More Details€92.77
More Details€98.74
More Details€98.74
More Details€108.63
More Details€108.63
More Details€108.63
More Details€118.50

Graphics card

To help configure the PC correctly, in brackets after every graphics card you’ll see its width (in slots) and the minimum wattage power supply.

More Details€71.43
More Details€84.17
More Details€170.71
More Details€189.78
More Details€223.57
More Details€363.56
More Details€383.42
More Details€390.53
More Details€567.07
More Details€593.15
More Details€770.98
More Details€852.48
More Details€1,024.38
More Details€1,207.55
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