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Mini PCs

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) and the ASUS PN Mini PCs are ultra-compact form factor (UCFF) PCs with a size and capability that is hard to believe. These fully built systems are supplied with up to 64GB of RAM and all include space for at least one M.2 drive. Whichever version you opt for we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

UltraNUC Pro 13

Starting at €656.98
UltraNUC Pro 13
The UltraNUC Pro 13 is equipped with the 13th Generation Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processor, providing you with the necessary performance to handle a wide range of tasks and activities.
  • A tiny PC in the palm of your hand
  • Maximum of one M.2 and one 2.5in drives
  • Up to 12-core i7-1360P Intel CPU and 64GB RAM
Despatched within 4 working days
UltraNUC Pro 13

UltraNUC Pro 13 Fanless

Starting at €854.56
UltraNUC Pro 13 Fanless
The 13th gen UltraNUC is now 100% silent thanks to the Akasa’s new fanless chassis! Configured to your specification with memory, choice of M2 drive, operating system and Wi-Fi, you can even add a 2.5” drive!
  • Fanless, silent and dust-free
  • Built inside the Akasa Turing AC Pro
  • Up to Core i7 CPU, 64GB RAM
Or custom despatched within 4 working days
UltraNUC Pro 13 Fanless